Living with Lupus

I have photosensitivity. Thank you very much lupus!

  1. I can’t enjoy sunny days. Beach days. Lazy afternoons in the back yard. Gardening. Soaking up the sun. Freud might have concluded that this is the reason behind my dark, moody landscapes when the sun is at its lowest…dawn and dusk… or nocturnes featuring fields and hills drenched in moonlight. Maybe he’d be right…I don’t know.

I find myself crying when a song plays that used to make me burst out singing with joy! Lines like “Here comes the sun..doot ‘n do do, here comes the sun and I say it’s all right”. Or… “It’s a beautiful mornin’ ahh I think I’ll go outside for a while…and just smile” . Or how about “there’s nothing better in the world you know, than lyin’ in the sun with your radio..ahh sunny days… sunny sunny sunny days…”


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